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Hey, as you might have already noticed, I've made the official page for the HP&DH A Year and a Day forum. All. By. Myself. Thassright, ReRe, for once I'm taking on the responsibility. 'course, I might not have needed to if I didn't feel you were so tired from being GONE AN ENTIRE FRIGGIN' WEEK, but I'm nice like that. XD

All potential members not already part of it, please post your name and e-mail address. By doing so, I and the other moderators of this community will assume you have already read the profile with the rules and guidelines.

whoayeah, I forgot about this. Sorry, Koko. Er...same question as Xuan; do I HAVE to? j/k

My name is Koryu (or Kianoush, You Sexy Thang, etc.) and my e-mail is originalcookiewhore@yahoo.com. Call me!

...juuuuust kidding. XD